'Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be  thy food' ~Hippocrates

My philosophy when it comes to food and nutrition, is that it should be fun, not cause undo stress in your life, and be so colourful and inviting that you can't go past it.

Too often people choose 'fast fixes' or 'easy' options, when often those 'fast' fixes, only 'fix' things momentarily. We may lose some initial weight, but then when it comes to eating again, we fall back into old habits and find our hard work was all in vain.

What I know is we all need more nutrients in our life, adults and children. We all need to get nutrients in to support and heal our bodies from the inside out.

My goal is to empower people to love food, not cut things out, or count calories, but to upgrade what they are doing. Start being aware of how to nourish themselves, and eat for longterm sustainable health.

My Nutrition Philosophy